Call Center Inbound & Outbound Services

Many in the management field have said that for a business to achieve success, it needs to concentrate on strengthening its core competencies.  The problem is, every company there are certain operation every company needs to perform that may not necessarily contribute to developing their strengths but are nevertheless vital to their success.  A firm that develops web sites for example, also needs to have a department that will handle outbound telemarketing operations or deal with client issues.  What happens is that valuable time and resources are taken away from the company’s main strength and diverted towards these non-core operations. 

Luckily, there’s ePacific Global Contact Center Inc. 

A contact center with bases in the Philippines, ePacific Global Contact Center Inc. gives companies the freedom to concentrate on developing their strengths by serving as their offshore call center.   

For example, by availing of the call center outbound services of ePacific, a travel agency can focus on arranging the best tours and vacations for their customers.  With ePacific’s outbound telemarketing professionals taking care of selling their products and services to potential customers, they are free to concentrate their resources on developing and improving their products and services. 

As an offshore contact center, ePacific’s strengths lie in three main factors.  First is the pool of highly skilled professionals that serves as the heart and soul of the contact center outsourcing company.  With their training and experience, the company’s outbound telemarketing and call center inbound services experts have so far gained the approval of, among others, a leading travel company, a popular phone card company and the number one provider of mobile services in the United States.

Second, the company’s offshore call center operations are backed by state-of-the art technology.  Using hardware and software provided by some of the world’s leading suppliers, the offshore outsourcing call center assures stable and consistent operations.

Third is the company’s commitment to provide nothing short of top-notch service.  Believing that their success depends on the success of their customers, the offshore contact center outsourcing company ensures that by signing up with them, you not only cut operation costs, you also get high-quality service. 

ePacific Global continually strives to enhance the value to our clients and the end-customers we share. Through operational excellence, technology innovation, and global skill set sourcing; ePacific Global provides greater end-customer satisfaction and incremental client revenue at a reduced cost. Our service model makes customer satisfaction more affordable by aligning the right resources, technology, and processes with client needs and end customers expectations.